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Trios Scanner

In a world that is becoming increasingly automated, digitalization is transforming the way we diagnose and treat our patients. We are proud to offer a technologically advanced digital impression system known as the Trios Scanner. This system combines the benefits of an intraoral camera and computerized 3D treatment planning software, providing a simple, all-in-one system that offers fast and highly accurate results.

We consider the Trios Scanner an investment in your future smile. This system can provide us with detailed high definition imaging, making it possible to diagnose the signs of early decay and other conditions that may not otherwise be visible with the human eye. Trios also scans the teeth, taking a digital impression that can be used in treatment planning protocols. The system even measures and detects tooth shade, making it easier to match prosthetics to your natural smile.

With the Trios Scanner in our practice, we can more effectively perform a wide range of services with live three-dimensional visualization, including:

  • Virtual diagnostic wax-ups
  • Surgical planning
  • Temporary crown impressions
  • Permanent restoration impressions
  • Removable restoration impressions
  • And more